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Julie - Unbound

The Pathway to Your Unbinding

Intention is everything

Become Unbound: Transform Your Life and Reconnect with Your Authentic Self

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Are you ready to become Unbound?

Hello and welcome to Unbound’.  I’m Julie and I live in the middle of the beautiful Howardian Hills in North Yorkshire, alongside the River Derwent in Norton, where my Miniature Schnauzer Archie and I have created a sanctuary for restoring balance and for healing.  A safe space where you can take time out just for you.  A place to receive, reconnect, release, heal, and become at peace with who you are.  To help you to discover ‘Your Unbound Potential’

Sadly, Archie is no longer with me in his physical form but his spirit lives on in all that I do and he continues to inspire me every day.

I have been embraced by the gentle restorative energy of Reiki since 2001 and am honoured to be able to offer Reiki treatments as well as teach this beautiful energy system of healing.  I follow the traditional Japanese practice created by Usui Mikao and teach level I, II and III. 

Meditation, nature and sound are my other passions and I create each class to follow the seasons and energies of the moment for my sound wave meditations, guided and mantra meditations.  Each class can be a gateway to help you discover the innate healing power of your own body and authentic voice.

Being Unbound:

  • Is about giving yourself permission to let the layers of untruths and debilitating limitations unbind and fall away

  • Is about releasing yourself from the shackles of negative mind mutterings that keep you belittled and stuck

  • Is stepping onto the pathway to your heart

  • allows you to be open to the mystery and magic of life, to create the life you want and follow your heart’s desire  

  • Opens a doorway and helps to give you the strength to be more authentic, to dance, to love yourself a little bit more each day and to sing your heart’s song.

Become Unbound: Transform Your Life and Reconnect with Your Authentic Self.  

I look forward to walking alongside you on part of the journey to Your Unbinding! 

“The freedom you seek wants to be sought. 

Be the seeker of your unbinding

Let your heart-song lead the way!”

Julie Keen

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Victoria Moran 

"Growing into your future...requires dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is".

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