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Women's Ceremonial Drumming Circle

A new 4-week course starting in May 2024 in Malton, North Yorkshire 

You are invited to a FREE session at 6pm on Sunday 21st April at the Friends Meeting House in Malton to find out more about this new 4-week introduction to the Ancient practice of Ceremonial Style Drumming for Women. 

To book your place please contact Julie on 07719 690798

or email: 


In 2023 I had the great privilege to enter the container of the Priestess of Sacred Sound Practitioner Training with Avalon Songstress Dr Elsa Field.  We opened the doors to Hathor, the primordial Egyptian Goddess of voice and sound. My journey with Elsa, Hathor and the other trainee Priestesses awoke within me a deep remembering of women as Temple Musicians, Singers and Drummers, who were the original Priestesses of Sacred Sound.  They played hand drums and drums with jingles (what we now know as tambourines) They were healers. seers, mystics and devotees were honoured and revered for their wisdom and gifts. And in those times...

The Women WERE the Drummers!  

Within our training container we were called back to the drum and it ignited a fire within me that I didn't know was there.  It is a fire that burns brighter each time I pick up my drum or tambourine: there are many ways and techniques to learn and I am just a beginner who is rekindling the flames of the way of the drum from ancient times and that I would love to share.

And, because as Women - We ARE the Drummers!!


These sessions are about learning and evolving together with our drums and tambourines as our companions and teachers. 

We will gather in sacred circle and learn the basic ceremonial beats of the hand drum and jingle drum. We will discover new rhythms, friends, connections and remembering's, we will laugh, cry, dance, sing and generally have a lot of fun! 


The dates and times will be confirmed soon but the first session will be a gathering of interested parties to look at the type of drums we will be playing.

All levels and ages are welcome.  


To register your interest please email Julie at:

or text 07719 690798   

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