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Sound Bath at Flow For All Yoga Studio


Friday 14th July 6pm - 7pm 

What better way let go of your working week and start your weekend than to have a relaxing Sound Bath.

Feel yourself wrapped in a blanket of soothing sacred sounds of Crystal and Himalayan singing Bowls, Space Drum, Elemental Chimes and Harmonies to cleanse away the busyness of your week.

“Restore inner harmony with soothing waves of sacred sound”

Yoga mats are provided but please bring a blanket or two, pillow and eye pillow/ cover for your comfort.

Please also bring a drink of water to make sure you hydrate well after your sound journey. You might also like to bring a journal and pen to note any insights from your time with us.



Four-week Introduction to Chanting Mantras

At Flow for All Yoga and Wellness

37 Commercial Street, Norton
Tuesday evenings: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

New dates for September coming soon! 


Mantra is an ancient rhythmical chant that supports your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and.…it’s fun!!


You have the power within:

Mantra literally means ‘mind protector’ and chanting a mantra is a form of meditation that can help you feel more positive, relaxed, peaceful and joyful, improve breathing and release congestion, enhance concentration, creativity and memory and can help you get through life’s ups and downs with more ease, promoting better health and wellbeing.

Chanting stimulates vibration within key areas of the brain and body’s energy system and each Sanskrit mantra has a different vibrational frequency and intention.


In this four-week introduction you will learn a new mantra each week alongside their meaning and benefits. We will be learning mantras for ‘peace’, ‘compassion’, ‘grounding and removing obstacles’ and ‘prosperity and abundance’ that will help you build your very own 'mantra medicine bag’.


These classes are suitable for beginners and all levels and are created to help you to discover the amazing power of your own authentic voice for healing and transformation.


Please bring a bottle of water for your hydration.


 £29 pre-pay four classes or £9 drop-in per class

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