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My Unbinding...

In 2013 I felt broken and had no sense of direction or purpose.  After years of high anxiety and disconnect, my mind, body and spirit were bound in such deep fear and self-loathing that I was unable to walk, talk and physically take care of myself.  I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue /ME but my heart knew it was much deeper than that. 

Since that time I have unearthed, connected with, acknowledged and released much of what kept me bound in my physical body and mentally trapped.  It has been a bumpy ride but one that I wouldn't change as it has taught me so much about myself,

the person I am and the life I wish to lead.

My transformational journey has taken me from the depths of despair to a place of peace and joy where my heart sings with a voice I never knew existed and a desire to connect every day with my love of nature and life.  Whenever I'm faced with uncertainty, I ask my heart to lead the way. 

I have been a Reiki practitioner for twenty years and a sound practitioner for three years. I used Reiki, Sacred Sound, Meditation and Mantra practice to return to full health and mental wellness and continue to use these practices for myself and to share with others. 

Going through my own 'unbinding' and following the rhythm and song of my heart has led me to a place where I have the honour of facilitating ‘Your Unbinding’ should you choose.

If my journey and work speaks to you, I am here to answer your call and assist you on your healing journey. 


"The freedom you seek wants to be sought.

The language of the heart doesn’t need to be taught.

It’s the song of the soul that’s always been known.

The wisdom within that’s guiding you home".

The above picture of this beautiful flower reminds me of our true nature:

the essence of light that resides within us all. 

When we unbind our heart we are free, and we shine our light from the inside out.

Julie - Unbound 

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