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Treatment opportunities 

Rediscover Your Authentic Self

We all hold the key to our own unbinding and our body knows how to heal itself when given the right conditions. 


At times we need someone to walk alongside us for a while as we find our way, restore balance and return to wholeness.  

I deliver guided meditation classes, mantra meditations via Zoom and relaxing sound bath meditations.  


As a Reiki master-teacher practitioner with 22 years’ experience, I combine the beautiful energy of Reiki with therapeutic sounds to deliver restorative and deep-healing in-person and remote treatments.  

My own healing journey has guided me into working with Reiki and sound in deeply profound ways.  My work is heart-led and unique and my intention is to walk alongside you as you rekindle your own inner flame, find your sense of balance, peace and well-being.  By connecting with the healing sounds of nature or through the therapeutic sounds of the tongue drums, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, elemental chimes and channelled harmonic vocal sounds I will hold a safe and sacred healing space for you.  

I now live my life with gratitude every day for my journey so far, for those who have held and supported me along the way and for being able to walk freely again with a sense of purpose and vitality that I believed wouldn’t return.


As an experienced Complementary Therapist, I am here to support you on your journey.


Reiki Treatments

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary therapy.

The word Reiki is Japanese and made up of two kanji / characters.

Rei means sacred or spiritual
Ki means life-force or energy
Reiki therefore is Spiritual / Sacred Energy...In essence we are all Reiki 

Everything around us, including ourselves, is energy.  Our own energy flows within us like a stream that flows down a mountain.   At times we can feel as though something is hindering the flow, such as emotional turbulence, stress, anxiety and life's challenges that can leave us feeling depleted and out of balance. 


A Reiki treatment can help balance and flow to be restored. 

When your body is in a relaxed state it is given the right conditions to activate its own unique healing abilities, bringing about a greater sense of wellness and stability.

​The gentle and calming essence that Reiki is can help promote a more positive intentions for self-care to help you to come back into alignment with your unique and authentic self.   


Reiki treatments are non-invasive and can include hands in gentle contact with the body and/or close to the body. 

Reiki works well with most medical conditions and all age groups, including pregnant women, new-born children and animals.  Reiki works beautifully alongside natural remedies and orthodox health care with no contraindications.

Relax and re-balance your mind and body, reclaim your spirit with this beautiful restorative healing energy.

Treatment costs:

​In Person treatment:  £45

Remote / distance treatment: £35

Please allow yourself up to two hours for your consultation, treatment and post-treatment feedback.

My belief is in access for all. 

If you have financial worries, please ask me about my reduced rates.


Unique Sound Therapies

Become Unbound with Sound

I offer a range of sound therapies including group bespoke sound baths in your own home, guided sound meditations,

online and in-person mantra meditations and

meditation sound recordings for personal use.  

Guided sound bath meditations

The intention for my guided sound bath meditations is to create a safe space where you can relax and restore balance.  

Using a range of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, space drums, elemental chimes and vocal harmonies, you are guided into a relaxed and peaceful state where your body's own healing abilities are activated.  

As you become immersed in these healing sounds waves, you are invited to unbind any fears or worries into a place of deep peace. 



Unbound with Reiki and Sound

A Reiki and Sound bath is a powerful combination that leads you to a deeply restorative and healing place.  

Whether at home or in-person you will feel the energies as they connect with you and take you into a place of deep relaxation. 

During your Reiki-Sound treatment I will record the sound waves that are personal for your healing intention. Following your treatment, the recording will be sent directly to you 

During your ‘Time of Unbinding’ with me the sounds that are created are what make your experience uniquely and healing for you.  

In Person: £45

Remote: £35

Please allow up to two hours for your consultation, treatment and post-treatment feedback. 

My belief is in access for all. 

If you have financial worries, please ask me about my reduced rates.

Remote Treatments

‘Remote Treatments’ are delivered at a pre-arranged time when the recipient is in a different location to the practitioner.  All modes of 'energy healing' can be received remotely and are as effective as if you were receiving them in person.

Energy flows all around us and connects us on levels that science is only beginning to understand.  Energy flows where intention goes. 

As with in-person treatments, Reiki and sound therapies delivered remotely can invoke a connection, understanding and subsequent release of many levels of disharmony, discomfort and ‘dis-ease’.

The process of remote healing

  1. An appointment is arranged at a mutually convenient time.

  2. I will contact you directly for your consultation and intention setting.

  3. You will go to your chosen place of quiet and settle in.  Being out in nature such as woodland, by the sea or river/stream are also perfect if the weather is suitable.

  4. I will go to my treatment room at the same time and connect with your energy to begin your treatment.

  5. I will create a recording for you if you have booked for sound or light language transmissions.

  6. After your treatment I will contact you to share my findings and your experience.

  7. I will send you your personal recording after your treatment. My  invitation is for you to use your recording as often or as little as you wish for the next few weeks.

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