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With love and gratitude...


Julie has been joining myself and our group in our Ceremony in the mornings. She has been channelling a very beautiful light language to us in each session. It has been quite remarkable, everyone has loved it. 

The language is deeply healing and seems to connect us with our female ancestors and the healing of the feminine line. 

I can highly recommend sessions with Julie, she has an amazing energy. 

She is so gentle and present and the healing she offers is doing such deep work with our Sister wounds from the past, and that will certainly help to free the Women and children of the future.

Amazing work Julie, Thank you xx 

Andrea Jackson: Radiant Woman


“Julie really is a spirit like no other!

Known to me for over 30 years, we have shared life’s highs and lows.

Fate led us to meet over a pair of hairdressing scissors in 1985…The rest, as they say, is history…but no ordinary history – in fact “hersory!”

Julie has been through life’s experiences and challenges like no one else I know!

Throughout her journey, which was twisting, turbulent and traumatic, I am convinced it was leading her to her place, this place where she now radiates and shines!

Although there are many miles between us, our connection has only strengthened.

Julie’s Meditations, Inner Dog Walks with Archie, healing music – her own vocal and other shared singers, text messages and connections of love and healing – all of this helps me on a daily basis, in a journey of challenge I now face. 

Julie gives me the belief that I can shine again – that I can indeed shine brighter than I ever have!

A teabag, a crystal, a message, a connection. 

Julie does this selflessly for so many – and the strength of friends, love and laughter will always win!”

All my love, Dubbie xxx


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