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Archie - Unbinding My Heart

During my holiday to Cumbria at the end of September 2021 I went to the side of Derwentwater in Keswick to the place where I took this picture of my beautiful boy Archie on our holiday the year before. The silhouette of him looking out across the water is a picture that I love because it catches his spirit and curiosity and his innate love of nature and the wild.

Archie became free of the binds of his physical being on the 25th July 2021 and is now a free spirit in all senses of the word. His courage and determination, his loyalty and his unconditional love for me have been, and continue to be, an amazing teaching and blessing for me. As those of you will know who have dogs and who love dogs, they are so much more than our pets! I don’t think I can do him justice by trying to put into words what Archie meant to me but I know you will know!

On the first morning of my recent holiday I visited the place where this picture of Archie was taken he was very much in my thoughts and my heart. I noticed in the water at the shoreline this pebble. I noticed it’s dark edge and purity of white light in the centre. When I retrieved it from the water I realise the centre is of Quartz.

The more I’ve sat with this stone with its white centre, the more it reminds me of the gifts that Archie brought to me in so many ways. It reminds me of the pure light in his heart; of my heart that was encased in stone until he broke it open to reveal the light shining beneath and that Archie, with his unconditional loving presence, has helped me to keep chipping away at the stone to reveal the love and light beneath, the pure crystal and the magic.

To some it’s perhaps just another pebble but to me it’s a teaching and yet another gift from my Little Man. When I look more deeply at the stone and the crystal that lies beneath I can see shapes appear and the images change depending on my mood and mindset and the angle that I hold the stone in my hand. My perspective shifts from the image of the wise crone or Mother Earth holding and revealing the light within. A dragon holding and nurturing her egg. Sometimes I see the shadow-self trying to wrap itself around the light and hiding it from view, the ego and all the fear that reflects ‘the girl I used to be’ in a life that was always in a place of fear. ‘The woman I am now’ is slowly, slowly chipping away at the shadow of the ego-self and fear to reveal the light beneath, the light that Archie always saw in me but that I couldn’t see in myself.

It reminds me of my intention for this lifetime - to be and see only light, only love and that’s why we’re here isn’t it? …. To chip away, to reveal, to re-member, to reconnect, to evolve and learn to love ourselves, warts and all - shadow and light.

Archie taught me many things in his short and beautiful life: he taught me how to love, to understand and accept the circle of life and to trust in that, and he taught me that ‘the greatest gift of love is in the letting go’

Letting go is the one of the hardest but most essential lessons for our spirit and soul’s growth. When we let go we free ourselves, and others, when we are ‘unbound’ we can discover so much more of the richness of our true essence.

We can embrace the adventure and the magic of life, death and rebirth in all their rawness and mystery. The circle of life is ‘The Great Mystery’.

Archie was often a mystery to me but he was, and still is, one of my greatest loves and he is still showing me the way and teaching me to keep chipping away at that stone-like fearful prison around my heart, to love myself just a little bit more each day - revealing more of the purity and crystal-like light that resides within us all.

Goddess bless you Archie

Sirius the Dog Star is the brightest in our sky and that’s no coincidence!!!

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