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My journey of ‘Becoming Unbound with Sound’

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Healing sounds can come to you in many forms: drums, chimes, songs, melodies, the wind in the trees, the song of a bird, footsteps on the Earth, your own voice, singing bowls, mantras, whistling; almost any sound that resonates with you can help you to unbind, release and heal.

For me becoming ’Unbound with Sound’ has been a journey of unearthing, awakening and magic. Using various instruments and healing frequencies, nature and surprisingly, my voice, as therapeutic tools have all helped me to release the bindings of negativity, stress, anxiety, and many, many unhelpful behaviours and habits that have kept me in a place of fear and uncertainty all my life.

Literally ’Becoming Unbound’ is very close to my heart because I was physically bound in my own body with chronic fatigue. I couldn’t walk, could hardly speak and was unable to sleep properly for a few years. I was bound in negativity, self-pity and self-loathing after many years of anxiety and stress that crushed me. I had no courage, spirit or energy to change my relentlessly busy and stressful life and was not aligned with my heart.

My body physically shut down, and with the bindings came pain and coldness that seemed to stab at every part of me. My head wouldn’t listen to the need to ‘stop and step out’ so my wise and knowing body stopped functioning until my head got the message and reconnected me with my heart. I had to sit, to listen and to learn.

I allowed the sound of my soul to cry and scream out the pain; the sound of singing bowls and healing mantras to unbind and release my fears; the sound of the drum raging with the howling wind that matched my own shout for freedom. I roared at mountains and screamed at the Earth, I cried and cried and better cried until I heard the sound of Mother Earth calling me back to nature, to be nurtured and held while I unbound and healed.

I was challenged to unbind myself from many external as well and internal limitations and beliefs and it has not been a smooth or easy journey. Yet when it came to the choice between continuing to live a life in fear or in freedom there was still a light that guided me back to my centre and let my heart sing for freedom.

Eventually, a sense of peace and stillness came over me that allowed me to hear the sound of my own heartbeat, and with every beat a pathway evolved that led me back to my heart song. So I have become ‘unbound with sound’ in all its guttural, mysterious and magical forms. I am still ‘unbinding’, and I believe we all are on some level. We never stop learning or evolving, a wise-woman and medicine sister once told me that ’the spirit always wants to grow’, and how it does!

Sound as a therapeutic gift has led me to my own unbinding and I invite you to become the seeker of your unbinding, to find your heart song, come back to your centre and connect with your true nature. Trust me, it’s worth the journey!


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Fantastic blog post, very inspirational and you have such an amazing gift that you share with others. My session was so healing and such a release of past negativities making way for a brighter future. I have seen the connection with my spiritual side increase tenfold after just one session and at the moment with everything that's going on in the world, people need this more than ever.

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